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  • XGH5030TSLD6 wet-type road sweeper machine

    The XGH5030TSLD6 road sweeper machine is used to clean highways, city trunk roads, airports, docks, and other mechanized surfaces.

    Model: XGH5030TSLD6
    Cleaning speed: 3~10km/h
    Maximum cleaning capacity: 46000m²/h
    Sweep width: 2.3m

  • XGH5120TSLD6 wet-type road cleaning sweeper

    The XGH5120TSLD6 road cleaning sweeper is used in mechanized cleaning of highways, urban trunk roads, airports, docks, etc.

    Model: XGH5120TSLD6
    Cleaning speed: 5~10km/h
    Maximum cleaning capacity: 44000m²/h
    Sweep width: 2.2m

  • XZJ5071TSL wet-type road sweeper

    XZJ5071TSL wet-type road sweeper is widely used in the mechanical cleaning of highways, urban trunk roads, airports and docks.

    Model: XZJ5071TSL
    Total Weight: 7300kg
    Rated Payload: 2090kg
    Sweep width: 3m