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  • 2ton flatbed wrecker for sale

    The flatbed wrecker is equipped with devices such as lifting, towing and back-loading, and can carry out “one-to-two” rescue.

    Chassis model: JX1041TG26
    Maximum total mass: 4495kg
    Wheelbase: 3360mm
    Wire rope length: 25m

  • XGS5250TQZZ6 boom and sling integrated wrecker

    The XGS5250TQZZ6 supporting and crane combined wrecker is equipped with lifting, towing and lifting devices, which can adapt to complex road rescue conditions.

    Model: XGS5250TQZZ6
    Maximum total mass: 25000kg
    Wheelbase: 5825+1350mm
    Maximum lift mass: 16000kg

  • XGS5420TQZZ6 Boom and sling separated type wrecker

    The XGS5420TQZZ6 boom and sling separated type wrecker can be used for the rescue of large vehicles that roll over, fall into a ditchor off the road.

    Model: XGS5420TQZZ6

    Maximum total mass: 42000kg

    Wheelbase: 2100+4600+1350mm

    Maximum lift mass: 26000kg