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  • 0.04cbm mini excavator XE15U for sale

    The XE15U 0.04cbm mini excavator is energy efficient and suitable for earthwork, road construction and municipal engineering.

    Model: XE15U
    Operating weight: 1795kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.04m³
    Rated power/speed: 9.8/2300kw/rpm

  • 0.12cbm small excavator XE35U for sale

    The overall shape of the XE35U small excavator adopts a tailless design, which is flexible and multi-purpose. Widely used in construction and production.

    Model: XE35U
    Operating weight: 4200kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.12m³
    Rated power/speed: 21.4/2400kw/rpm

  • 0.58m³ bucket capacity wheel excavator XE150WD

    The XE150WD 0.58m³ bucket capacity wheel excavator is powerful, adaptable, and beautiful enough to handle a wide range of tasks.

    Model: XE150WD XE150WB
    Operating weight: 14000kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.58m³
    Rated power/speed: 104/2000kw/rpm

  • 0.86cbm wheel excavator XE210WD for sale

    The XE210WD wheel excavator adopts an exclusive low-speed high-torque engine to achieve continuous stability and strong power output at low speeds.

    Model: XE210WD
    Operating weight: 20800kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.86m³
    Rated power/speed: 135/2050kw/rpm

  • 1 Ton Small Wheel Loader LW156FV For Sale

    LW156FV is a three-stage small wheel loader product, equipped with an electronically controlled high-voltage common rail China III engine.

    Model: LW156FV
    Rated Load: 1100kg
    Operating weight: 4550kg
    Bucket Load: 0.7m³
    Rated Power: 55kW

  • 1.2 Ton Stand Up Pallet Stacker Forklift XCS-P12

    XCS-P12 stand up pallet forklift is suitable for medium-level stacking operations with a load of 1200kg. It has wide mast, high lifting load, and good visibility.

    Load Capacity: 1200kg
    Free Lift height: 120/1484/1634mm
    Max. lift height: 2900/3200mm
    Type of battery: Lithium battery

  • 1.5 Ton Electric Stacker Forklift XCS-P15

    XCS-P15 is a small pallet stacker forklift with a load of 1.5 tons, which is easy and comfortable to operate.

    Load Capacity: 1500kg
    Free Lift height: 120/1484/1231mm
    Max. lift height: 2900/3400mm
    Type of battery: Lithium battery

  • 1.5 Ton Mini Electric Pallet Forklift XCC-LW15

    XCC-LW15 mini pallet forklift is made of environmental-friendly elastic material to realize comfortable operations and good insulation and damping and optimize the operator’s comfort.

    Load Capacity: 1500kg
    Fork size: 47/160/1150mm
    Max. lift height: 115mm
    Type of battery: Lithium battery

  • 1.5 Ton Warehouse Stand-up Reach Forklift XCF-PG15

    The XCF-PG15 warehouse stand-up reach forklift adopts electric steering and AC system, imported drive and steering motor, DIN standard large capacity battery.

    Load Capacity: 1500kg
    Free Lift height: 1420mm
    Max. lift height: 5000mm
    Type of battery: Lithium battery

  • 1.5ton Balance Forklift XCB-P15 XCB-L15 For Sale

    XCB-P15 XCB-L15 forklift features the breakthrough to the limitations of the style design in forklift industry with its unique and brand new structural appearance.

    Load Capacity: 1500kg
    Operating weight: 3040kg
    Max. lift height: 3000mm
    Power mode: Plumbic acid battery (XCB-P)/Lithium battery (XCB-L)

  • 1.6 Ton Electric Reach Forklift XCS-P16

    The XCS-P16 is a 1.6ton high-performance electric reach forklift powered by ergonomic design and innovative technology.

    Load Capacity: 1600kg
    Free Lift height: 1820mm
    Max. lift height: 5500mm
    Type of battery: Lithium battery

  • 10 ton truck mounted crane SQ10SK3Q

    SQ10SK3Q 10-ton straight truck mounted crane operates more smoothly, with good self-locking performance and high vehicle stability.

    Model: SQ10SK3Q
    Maximum lifting weight: 10t
    Rated lifting moment: 25t.m
    Crane weight: 3800kg

  • 100 ton All-terrain Crane XCA100 For Sale

    The XCA100 100 ton all-terrain crane has a wide operating range, powerful lifting performance, and is more convenient, safe and reliable to use.

    Weight: 48000kg
    Max. rated lifting capacity: 100t
    Engine Power: 306/1900  318/1900
    Max. travel speed: 80km/h

  • 100 ton Telescopic Crawler Crane XGC100T

    The XGC100T 100 ton telescopic boom crawler crane has a six-section telescopic main boom, and a fully extended boom length of 56m (12.2-56m), which can meet the needs of various operating ranges within the scope of the boom length.

    Weight: 105287kg
    Max. rated lifting capacity: 100t
    Rated Power: 224kW
    Maximum gradeability: 60%

  • 100 Ton Truck crane XCT100 For Sale

    XCT100 100ton truck crane is widely used in the lifting operation of general engineering projects in complex working environment.

    Weight: 54990kg
    Max. rated lifting capacity: 100t
    Rated Power: 290kW
    Travel speed: 2.5~90km/h

  • 10ton Big Wheel Loader LW1000KN For Sale

    LW1000KN 10 ton big wheel loader is the latest generation of products with an international advanced level.

    Model: LW1000KN
    Rated Load: 10000kg
    Operating weight: 35000kg
    Bucket Load: 5.5m³
    Rated Power: 298kW