01580-13629 nut for Shantui bulldozer for sale

01580-13629 nut for Shantui bulldozer for sale:

1. We supply both original and aftermarket products for you
2. From the manufacturer to the customer directly, saving your cost
3. Stable stock for normal parts
4. In Time Delivery Time, with competitive shipping cost
5. Professional and on time after service


01580-13629 nut for Shantui bulldozer for sale:

CCMIE Group started to sell spare parts for XCMG, Shantui, SANY, SDLGKomatsu, and Cummins engines in 2011. We have established four spare parts warehouses in Xuzhou, Jining, Kunshan, and Changsha in China, providing customers worldwide with a wide variety of high-quality spare parts. Our spare parts system can provide you with accurate and competitive prices in the shortest possible time. We are confident that we will become your excellent business partner!

1. As accessories’ prices fluctuate wildly, please consult us for details such as specific prices and shipping costs!

2. There are many kinds of accessories, which cannot be displayed one by one. We can find the correct accessories for you if you have the accessory part number/accessory nameplate/picture/machine nameplate!

3. We have a large inventory of commonly used spare parts in our warehouse, which can be delivered within three days!


Part Number: 1540-30-22118
Part name: housing
Applicable models: all types of bulldozers
Brand: Shantui

Due to too many types of spare parts, we cannot display them all on the website. Please feel free to contact us for specific information. The following are some other product part numbers related to the 01580-13629 nut for Shantui bulldozer:

8135-GL-39000-02 612630080103
8135-GA-40000-02 1000616954
8175-MA-45000-02 612600115319
8175-GA-49000-02 612600012392
TPZL30GII-11700 612600113977
TPYL-90 612640110078
TPWDG1371 612600013808
TPJN3A 612600540233
TPZL30GII-11900 612600116054
TPWJ104C*1150 612600111671
TPWL100-100J 612600010138
TPWJ104E*2300 612640130294
TPWU25*100-J 612630010527
TPWU-25*100 612600060436
TPXZ60A-3510001 612700120009
TPYG-100 612630060971
8228-MA-00021 1000185986
TPYG-180 612600091102
TPYL-67 1000059495
TPYG-200 612600113854
TPJX1008L 331008000049
TPYI-32F 120GFZ-6.06
TPWGC-Z3/8 680360199
TPJN161BK-3514001 1000400137
TPWD615G.22 612600113677
TPJN150 612600061090
TPJN150-3720001 100GF.17
TPWJ100*100-J 1000305292
TPJK932-148 1000195170
TPYJSW315-6C 610800111064
TP614080740 410800110135
8203-MJ-00031 611600110104
SL04-5018NR 612700010133
TP68445 612660060030
J20-14-00000 1000468069

Our company also supplies the four-wheel area of ​​the chassis parts of bulldozers and excavators. The products are as follows:
(1) Shantui four-wheel area: Shantui guide wheel, Shantui drive wheel, Shantui support sprocket, Shantui drive wheel, Shantui tension, Shantui professional oil, Shantui sprocket tooth block, Shantui knife Angles, Shantui blades, Shantui construction machinery bolts, Shantui chain rails, Shantui track shoes, Shantui bucket teeth.
(2) Four-wheel belt: PC60. pc100. pc120, PC130. PC200, pc220. pC300. PC360. Pc400 series excavator driving wheels, guide wheels, tug wheels, driving teeth, tensioning devices, chains.
(3) Yuchai four-wheel area: Yuchai yc85 driving wheel, Yuchai yc85 supporting wheel, Yuchai yc85 tensioning device, Yuchai 55 guiding wheel, Yuchai yc55 driving wheel, Yuchai yc55 tensioning device.
(4) Kobelco four-wheel area: Kobelco sk200-3 driving wheel, Kobelco 200-6 supporting wheel, Kobelco 200-3 supporting wheel, Kobelco 200-6 driving wheel.
(5) Sumitomo four-wheel area: Sumitomo 120 driving wheels, Sumitomo 200 driving wheels, Sumitomo 200 supporting wheels.
(6) Carter’s four-wheel area: Carter driving wheels, Carter supporting wheels, Carter guiding wheels,
(7) Doosan four-wheel area: Doosan dh55 driving wheels, Doosan dh220 driving wheels, Doosan dh220 supporting wheels.
(8) Three-one four-wheel belts: Three-one sy130 supporting wheels, three-one sy130 driving wheels, three-one 300 supporting wheels, and three-one 300 driving wheels.

CCMIE spare parts warehouse delivery


Q1: What payment methods can you accept?

T/T, Western Union, PAYPAL, Bank of China, HSBC

Q2: Can you pack me according to my request? How is the product packaged?

Yes, it is exported in neutral packaging in wooden or cardboard boxes.

Q3: What is the delivery time?

1) Spot: usually 3-5 days. It can be as fast as 24 hours.

2) Out of stock: According to the quantity you require, usually 10-20 days, but we have a large amount of inventory.

Q4: What kind of transportation can you provide?

1) Large quantities of orders: sea or air freight. (We can give you the best price)

2) Small batch orders: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS, ARAMEX

Q5: Do you accept small orders?

Yes, small orders can be accepted.

Q6: What products can your company provide?

1) CCMIE brand hydraulic pump valves and other products, OEM, 100% genuine parts, COPY (made in China).

2) Genuine spare parts.