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  • 18m scissor lift XG1823RT for sale

    The working height of the XG1823RT scissor lift is 18m, the width of the vehicle is 2.3m, the rated load is 680kg, and the maximum climbing capacity is 40%.

    Model: XG1823RT
    Weight: 8000kg
    Maximum working height: 18m
    Platform size: 3980×1830mm

  • Electric scissor lift XG0807HDW/XG0807ACW for sale

    The new electric scissor lift XG0807HDW/XG0807ACW features an 8-meter working height, 0.81-meter vehicle width, 230-kilogram rated weight, and 230-kilogram maximum load.

    Model: XG0807HDW/XG0807ACW
    Weight: 1580kg
    Maximum working height: 7.8m
    Platform size: 1670×740×1243mm

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    Scissor Lifts

  • Small electric scissor lift XG1008HD/XG1008AC

    Small electric scissor lift XG1008HD/XG1008AC has a working height of 10m, a vehicle width of 0.81m, and a maximum load of 230kg.

    Model: XG1008HD/XG1008AC
    Weight: 2150kg
    Maximum working height: 10m
    Platform size: 2270×810×1246mm