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Special Vehicle

Aerial Work Vehicle And Truck Mounted Crane

Dump truck
Mixer Truck

Port Machinery

Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

Unique hydraulic matching technology. Multi-pump combined diversion technology to minimize system heat and fuel consumption;

Construction Machinery & Special Vehicle

Recommended products

XCMG wheeled 5 ton loader
Wheel loader ZL50GN

Wheel loader has outstanding advantages in engineering construction and other fields.

XCMG 21 ton truck crane
Truck Crane XCT25L5

XCT25L5 is widely used in complex operating environments such as construction sites and mines.

XCMG 21 ton 215c crawler excavator
Crawler Excavator

XE215DA adopts the latest sub-pump independent control system.

XCMG 40-ton mining truck
Articulated Truck
Original imported engine, gearbox and axle.
zpmc front container crane
40ft Reach Stacker

Heavy type Container reach stacker

Cold Recycler

It is mainly used for the regeneration of old asphalt pavement.


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CCMIE is a reliable company. Thank you for your efforts in providing us with a large amount of high-quality construction machinery!
CCMIE's engineers are extremely knowledgeable and have assisted us in resolving numerous equipment-related issues.
CCMIE not only provides us with high-quality, low-cost equipment, but also provides us with a complete after-sales service guarantee.
Years of collaboration have strengthened our trustworthiness, and we will continue to acquire equipment from you in the future.
Road Machinery

We are the No. 1 construction machinery exporter in China with more than 10 years of reputation. The best construction machinery and special vehicles in China are provided by us.