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  • New anti collision buffer car XGS5041TFZJ6 for sale

    The XGS5041TFZJ6 anti collision buffer car is widely used in municipal roads, urban expressways, various bridges and river-crossing tunnels.

    Model: XGS5041TFZJ6
    Total weight: 4495kg
    Overall dimension: 5980*2024*2920mm
    Effective energy absorption length: 1645mm

  • XGS5080TFZB6 anti-collision buffer car for sale

    The XGS5080TFZB6 anti-collision buffer car is easy to implement, flexible, efficient, and easy to operate.

    Model: XGS5080TFZB6
    Total weight: 8200kg
    Overall dimension: 7340*2320*3800mm
    Effective energy absorption length: 3165mm