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  • 0.04cbm mini excavator XE15U for sale

    The XE15U 0.04cbm mini excavator is energy efficient and suitable for earthwork, road construction and municipal engineering.

    Model: XE15U
    Operating weight: 1795kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.04m³
    Rated power/speed: 9.8/2300kw/rpm

  • 0.12cbm small excavator XE35U for sale

    The overall shape of the XE35U small excavator adopts a tailless design, which is flexible and multi-purpose. Widely used in construction and production.

    Model: XE35U
    Operating weight: 4200kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.12m³
    Rated power/speed: 21.4/2400kw/rpm

  • 0.58m³ bucket capacity wheel excavator XE150WD

    The XE150WD 0.58m³ bucket capacity wheel excavator is powerful, adaptable, and beautiful enough to handle a wide range of tasks.

    Model: XE150WD XE150WB
    Operating weight: 14000kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.58m³
    Rated power/speed: 104/2000kw/rpm

  • 0.86cbm wheel excavator XE210WD for sale

    The XE210WD wheel excavator adopts an exclusive low-speed high-torque engine to achieve continuous stability and strong power output at low speeds.

    Model: XE210WD
    Operating weight: 20800kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.86m³
    Rated power/speed: 135/2050kw/rpm

  • 2.5ton household excavator XE26U for sale

    The small household excavator XE26U is a new generation of “U” series tailless hydraulic excavator.

    Model: XE26U
    Operating weight: 2680kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.06m³
    Rated power/speed: 15.4/2400kw/rpm

  • 27 ton new excavator XE270DK MAX for sale

    The 27-ton new excavator XE270DK MAX for sale has an innovative intelligent management system that ensures the excavator’s effectiveness.

    Model: XE270DK MAX
    Operating weight: 26500
    Bucket capacity: 1.1-1.6m³
    Rated power/speed: 150/2050kw/rpm

  • 2ton micro excavator XE17U for sale

    The XE17U 2ton micro excavator has a tailless design, can rotate 360 degrees in a small space that adapts well to working conditions.

    Model: XE17U
    Operating weight: 1795kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.04m³
    Rated power/speed: 11.8/2400kw/rpm

  • 6ton small excavator digger XE55U for sale

    The excavator digger XE55U offers a powerful yet efficient Kubota engine, it delivers versatile, durable, and cost-effective performance.

    Model: XE55U
    Operating weight: 5700kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.16m³
    Rated power/speed: 31.2/2200kw/rpm

  • 7ton small hydraulic excavator XE75U for sale

    The XE75U small hydraulic excavator is suitable for small construction such as hydropower, transportation, garden, oil pipeline and so on.

    Model: XE75U
    Operating weight: 7460kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.18~0.3m³
    Rated power/speed: 45/2200kw/rpm

  • Best 6.5 ton mini excavator XE65DA for sale

    The best mini excavator XE65DA has the functions of digging, loading, leveling, opening, breaking, drilling, clamping, and lifting, etc.

    Model: XE65DA
    Operating weight: 6150kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.25m³
    Rated power/speed: 36.2/2100kw/rpm

  • Cheapest mini excavator XE75DA for sale

    Cheapest mini excavator XE75DA is used for digging, loading, leveling, ditching, crushing, drilling, clipping, lifting and other functions.

    Model: XE75DA/XE75DAplus
    Operating weight: 7680kg
    Bucket capacity: 033m³
    Rated power/speed: 42.4/2000kw/rpm

  • ET120 12-ton multifunctional walking excavator for sale

    The ET120 12-ton multifunctional walking excavator has high reliability, high responsiveness, sufficient power reserve, and low noise.

    Model:  ET120
    Operating weight: 12000kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.3m³
    Fighting excavation: 63kN

  • Excavator equipment XE210E 21-ton crawler excavator

    The excavator equipment XE210E 21-ton crawler excavator, featuring high efficiency and energy conservation, is mainly used for earth working conditions.

    Model: XE210E
    Operating weight: 21000-23000kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.9-1.2m³
    Rated power/speed: 129/2100kw/rpm

  • Low price of crawler excavator XE250E for sale

    The low price of crawler excavator XE250E is strong enough to cope with a variety of working environments with its excellent stability and high mobility…

    Model: XE250E
    Operating weight: 25870kg
    Bucket capacity: 1.2m³
    Rated power/speed: 142/2000kw/rpm

  • New XE135D 13ton crawler excavator for sale

    The XE135D 13 ton crawler excavator for sale can reduce fuel consumption by 7% compared with the previous generation.

    Model: XE135D
    Operating weight: 13200kg
    Bucket capacity: 0.32-0.61m³
    Rated power/speed: 86/2200kw/rpm

  • Road-rail dual-purpose excavator XE75RR for sale

    TThe road-rail dual-purpose excavator XE75RR is a new type of multi-functional modified equipment, which can be freely switched between road and railway tracks.

    Model: XE75RR
    Operating weight: 8250kg
    Bucket capacity: /
    Maximum excavation depth: 3950mm