0.12cbm small excavator XE35U for sale

The overall shape of the XE35U small excavator adopts a tailless design, which is flexible and multi-purpose. Widely used in construction and production.

Model: XE35U
Operating weight: 4200kg
Bucket capacity: 0.12m³
Rated power/speed: 21.4/2400kw/rpm


Product Introduction

In the fields of water and electricity, transportation, municipal administration, gardening, farmland reconstruction, and oil pipelines, the XE35U small hydraulic excavator works with multi-functional tooling to complete tasks such as excavation, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping, and lifting. It is widely utilized in building and manufacturing. The XE35U’s general shape is versatile and multi-purpose, with a tailless design. Working in confined spaces, such as city streets and basements, is simple. The ultra-short turning radius promotes construction convenience and improves construction safety.

Main Parameters




Operating weight



Bucket capacity


Engine Model



Rated power/speed



Maximum torque/speed



Travel speed



Bucket Digging Force



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

1. Small size, easy maintenance; sufficient low-speed torque reserve, strong power; reliability
High and low maintenance cost.
2. The key hydraulic parts adopt the latest technological achievements, with low energy consumption, fast response speed, precise control and small impact, which can maintain strong digging capacity and excellent working efficiency. The power of the engine and the hydraulic system are perfectly matched to ensure that the engine works in the best fuel consumption area, improve the fuel utilization rate and save the use cost. The new hydraulic system provides sufficient flow for each working device, and the working efficiency is high.
3. The turning radius of the tail adopts a tailless design, which ensures that there is no need to worry about the tail hitting obstacles when working in narrow working conditions. The working device can be deflected, and the left and right deflection angles are 75 degrees and 50 degrees respectively. It can realize compound operation with the rotation of the upper vehicle. By cooperating with the rotation of the upper vehicle, the excavation parallel to the wall can be realized in a narrow space. Working conditions can be easily dealt with.
4. The parts with high stress on the boom and stick are locally strengthened, and the structure is adjusted at the same time to disperse the stress and improve the service life; the standard new bucket, the bucket depth is reduced, making unloading faster.
5. The cab has a flip function, which is very convenient for maintenance; the cab and the bottom plate are integrated, with super noise isolation and high comfort.
6. The weight distribution of the whole vehicle is reasonable and the excavation stability is high.

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