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  • DXA5030GXEA6 vacuum pump sewage suction truck

    DXA5030GXEA6 vacuum pump sewage suction truck is commonly used in the cleaning and transfer of manure and sewage in small urban blocks, villages, campuses and other places.

    Model: DXA5030GXEA6
    Effective volume of tank: 2.09m³
    System maximum vacuum: ≤-0.085MPa
    Top speed: 100km/h

  • DXA5120GXED6 vacuum sewage suction truck

    DXA5120GXED6 sewage suction truck adopts vacuum pump to realize automatic suction, and the suction effect has little impact on the external environment.

    Model: DXA5120GXED6
    Effective volume of tank: 8.5m³
    System maximum vacuum: ≤-0.085MPa
    Top speed: 130/89km/h

  • XZJ5180GXW sewage suction truck for sale

    The XZJ5180GXW sewage suction truck is specially used for sewage suction in sewers, collection tanks, septic tanks and various channels.

    Model: XZJ5180GXW
    Total Weight: 18000kg
    Rated Payload: 9715kg
    Tank Volume: 12.3m³