GR3005 mining motor grader for sale

GR3005 mining motor grader is a large-scale mining grader specially used for heavy-duty conditions such as road construction in open-pit mines and original terrain remediation.

Model: GR3005
Engine: Cummins QSL8.9-C325
Working weight: 28500kg
Rated power/speed: 242/2100kW/rpm


Product Introduction

GR3005 325HP mining motor grader, with high structural strength and sufficient power, is a large-scale mining grader specially used for heavy-duty conditions such as road construction in open pit mines and original terrain remediation. It can be used for heavy-duty work such as road forming, road maintenance, rock cleaning, etc. The power system of the motor grader is strong, the rear axle of the mine drive is reliable, the German ZF gearbox, the load sensing hydraulic system and the solid working device realize the super working ability. The motor grader can be operated with double electric control handles; its running status can be monitored; the key parts are set with graded fault alarms, and the operation is simple, comfortable and intelligent. The motor grader adopts a convenient centralized maintenance and repair layout for better coordination of man-machine, safety and environment.

Main Parameters




Engine model


Cummins QSL8.9-C325

Rated power/speed



Forward speed



Back speed



Traction force f=0.75



Minimum turning radius



Blade length x chord height



Overall dimension



Total weight



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

● Heavy-duty work equipment:
In response to heavy-duty mining conditions, a friction-plate worm gear box with overload protection is developed, which can automatically slide when impacted to protect the safety of machines and people; large-modulus and high-wear-resistant slewing bearings ensure high-strength and harsh working conditions. It can work normally for a long time; the strength of the reinforced traction frame is reliable through CAE finite element analysis; the guide rail is heat treated to meet the dusty and soily working conditions of the mine.

● Electric control double handle operation
Change the traditional multi-handle control mode and reduce the driver’s control intensity by 70%. Two electronic control handles can be used to operate all the original actions including steering. At the same time, the meaning of each action of the handle is displayed on the display on the console, and the driver can intuitively see the oil cylinder caused by the action of the handle. action.

● Efficient matching of power transmission system
It adopts three-stage variable power engine, which has high reliability and fuel economy, low emission, and meets the requirements of Euro III/National III emission regulations. Equipped with imported hydraulic gearbox to achieve energy saving with the help of “automatic shifting”; at this time, the gearbox automatically shifts up and down according to “load change-vehicle speed change”, so that the machine is always kept in the “best working state” and reduces power loss.

● Double-circuit wet brake mine rear axle
A dual-circuit hydraulic braking system is used to act on the four middle and rear wheels of the grader. At the same time, the braking method of the machine adopts reliable multi-disc wet braking to ensure safe and stable braking. Optional drive rear axle with gear transmission balance box.

* All relevant spare parts for GR3005 mining motor grader are available.

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