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  • XC740K Small Skid Steer Loader

    The small skid steer loader XC740K can better adapt to narrow space operations and is an ideal tool for road construction.

    Model: XC740K
    Bucket load: 0.45m³
    Rated load: 750kg
    Rated Power: 36.8kW
    Total weight: 3140kg

  • XC750K New Skid Steer Loader

    XC750K is a new generation K series high-power medium-sized skid steer.

    Model: XC750K
    Bucket load: 0.45m³
    Rated load: 900kg
    Rated Power: 50/50.2kW
    Total weight: 3400kg

  • XC760K Skid Steer Loader For Sale

    XC760K skid steer loader is the latest skid steer loader product for sale with low cost of use and significant economic benefits.

    Model: XC760K
    Bucket load: 0.6m³
    Rated load: 1080kg
    Rated Power: 61.3kW
    Total weight: 3450kg

  • XC770K Skid Steer Track Loader

    XC770K is a heavy-duty skid steer loader. The skid steer track loader adopts a high-power engine, which increases the flow of the whole machine and meets the requirements of more tools. Mainly used for heavy-duty working conditions such as domestic snow removal market and municipal maintenance.

    Model: XC770K
    Bucket load: 0.6m³
    Rated load: 1250kg
    Rated Power: 74.9kW
    Total weight: 3700kg