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  • JMC light truck Carrying Blue Whale for sale

    The JMC light truck Carrying Blue Whale is the largest blue-brand light truck. The wheel base is increased from 1604 to 1805.

    Model: Carrying Blue Whale
    Weight: 7000kg
    Wheel base: 1805mm
    Actual payload: 3735 (single row) 3690 (half row)

  • JMC light truck Carrying Plus JX493 for sale

    The JMC Carrying Plus light truck is a reinforced national light truck that comprehensively improves the performance on the basis of the ordinary version, which is fuel-efficient and durable.

    Model: Carrying PlusJX493
    Gear form: 5MT
    Wheel base: 3360mm
    Engine: JX493FGT

  • JMC Shunda 4D25 small light truck for sale

    The JMC Shunda(4D25) small light truck for sale has short wheelbase, small turning radius and low fuel consumption, which is very suitable for urban distribution transportation.

    Model: Shunda(4D25)
    Gear form: 5MT
    Wheel base: 2800mm
    Engine: JX4D25A6H

  • JMC small light truck ShunweiD20 for sale

    The JMC Shunwei small light truck is equipped with Tengbao 2.5L engine, and its fuel-saving capacity has reached the industry-leading level.

    Model: ShunweiD20
    Brake type: Hydraulic brake / Air-cut brake
    Wheelbase: 2800mm
    Engine: D20TCIF12