2 Ton Mini Wheel Loader LW200KV Factory Price

LW200KV mini wheel loader has upgraded of the product while maintaining the appearance and advantages of the factory K series loader.

Model: LW200KV
Rated Load: 2000kg
Operating weight: 6300kg
Bucket Load: 1.1m³
Rated Power: 66.2kW


Product Introduction

The LW200KV mini wheel loader has upgraded the product emission, reliability, comfort and maintenance convenience while maintaining the appearance style and basic advantages of the original K series loader.
The whole machine is equipped with Guosanluo engine; full hydraulic steering. A variety of working devices (standard arm, high dump arm) and accessories (quick change bucket, fork, grass clipper, wood clipper, etc.) can be selected.
The hydraulic oil replacement period is extended to 3000 hours, which greatly reduces the user’s cost of use.

Main Parameters




Bucket Load


Operating weight



Rated power



Overall dimension(LxWxH)



Top speed



Rated load



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

* Adopt long wheelbase (2300mm) design, adapt to various overweight working conditions, and the stability is better in the industry.
* Strong digging force (LW200KV breakout force ≥ 58KN), strong breaking force, and light weight for various materials.
* Fast and efficient, the driving speed is up to 28km/h, which is the best in the industry.
* A variety of unloading options to meet the work needs of various occasions.
* Luotuo Dongfanghong 4108 supercharged three-stage engine, with strong power and high efficiency, truly saves fuel and reduces consumption;
* Unique heavy-duty transmission and structural components, bear heavy responsibilities;
* Newly optimized working device to challenge the efficiency limit of small loader;
* Streamlined appearance, large-view glass, arc counterweight, beautiful appearance, international mainstream;
* Human-oriented design ensures safety, reduces fatigue, and creates an excellent operating environment;
* Optional hydraulic pilot, FOPS and ROPS cabs, air conditioners, speakers, etc., for comfortable operation and safe driving;
* Other work tools can be added to perform corresponding special operations.

Product Images



Wheel loader construction picture