China Medium 7ton Wheel Loader LW700HV

Based on customer needs, China medium wheel loader LW700HV wheel loader adopts fixed variable hydraulic system, and the whole machine technology is at the leading level.

Model: LW700HV
Rated Load: 7000kg
Operating weight: 23500kg
Bucket Load: 4.2m³
Rated Power: 210kW


Product Introduction

China medium wheel loader LW700HV is based on customer needs and relies on international research and development platforms to comprehensively improve product reliability, economy, comfort, efficiency, maintenance convenience and adaptability. By optimizing power matching, equipped with imported ZF230 automatic gearbox, and adopting a fixed variable hydraulic system, the technical level of the whole machine is at the leading level in the domestic loader industry.

LW700HV tire loader is widely used in construction sites, ports, docks, stations, freight yards, etc., especially for shovel loading or short-distance transfer of loose soil, sand, gravel, coal and other loose materials. , engineering construction, logistics and other industries to organize the production of preferred equipment.

Main Parameters




Bucket Load


Operating weight



Rated power



Unloading height






Rated load



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

* Using Weichai WP10 EFI, turbocharged, electric start, electric flameout, high torque reserve coefficient.
* Adopt imported BP230 electro-hydraulic control gearbox, with four gears in the front and three in the rear, electronically controlled shifting, with KD gear function. The pilot handle integrates the FNR shift function, which greatly improves the operating comfort.
* Adopt self-made wet bridge, with strong heavy load capacity, good reliability and safety; adopt 26.5R25 large tires, with long bearing capacity and long life.
* Adopting a fixed variable hydraulic system, the whole machine has large lifting force, fast operation speed and high operation efficiency;
* Modularization and generalization of counterweights, buckets, etc. are adopted, and finite element analysis is used to ensure that various heavy load conditions are met.
* The working device adopts the hinge point optimization mode, and adopts the current mode of the international large-tonnage loader, the movement trajectory is more reasonable, and the unloading impact is minimized.
* International fully enclosed micro-pressurized air-conditioning cab, wide field of vision, increased internal space by 20%, multi-directional adjustable control box and steering column, scientific ergonomic design, providing first-class driving experience.
* The whole machine is designed with a wide area, suitable for various operating environments such as high wave, high dust, high temperature, and high cold, and a variety of machines can be selected to meet different operating conditions.
* Centralized pressure detection, “one-stop” maintenance, single-row large-space radiator for easy cleaning. At the same time, the hydraulic oil replacement cycle is long, the downtime is short, and the maintenance cost is low.
* LW700HV has 16 tons of tractive force, 22 tons of rise force, 15 tons of tipping load, and outstanding working capacity.

Product Images




Wheel loader construction picture