Chinese Wheel Loader LW186FV For Sale

Chinese wheel loader LW186FV is a self-developed three-stage loader with strong power, higher efficiency and stronger environmental adaptability.

Model: LW186FV
Rated Load: 1400kg
Operating weight: 5200kg
Bucket Load: 1m³
Rated Power: 78kW


Product Introduction

The Chinese wheel loader LW186FV is a three-stage self-developed product with an electronically controlled high-pressure common rail National III 4102 engine, high-quality split-type dual-variable, four-wheel drive, full hydraulic steering, and strong power, efficiency, and environmental adaptability.
To create one machine with numerous purposes, a choice of working devices and supplementary equipment can be selected. It is widely utilized in infrastructure, sanitation, agricultural, road renovation, ports, and freight yards for loading, traction, lifting, and transportation operations.
The hydraulic oil replacement interval has been increased to 2000 hours, lowering the user’s cost of use significantly.

Main Parameters




Bucket Load


Operating weight



Rated power



Overall dimension(LxWxH)






Rated load



Performance Characteristics

1. Adopt long wheelbase (2350mm) design, adapt to a variety of overweight working conditions, and the stability is better in the industry.
2. Strong digging force (breakout force ≥ 44KN), strong breaking force, and light weight lifting of various materials.
3. Fast and efficient, the driving speed is up to 24km/h, which is the best in the industry.
4. The unloading height of more than 3 meters meets the needs of various occasions.
5. Yunnei 4102 supercharged three-stage engine has stronger power and higher efficiency, and the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail technology truly saves fuel and reduces consumption.
6. The reinforced heavy-duty drive axle meets the needs of high-strength and high-load operations.
7. “A” brand tires are wear-resistant and reliable, adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions, and operate efficiently.
8. CAE simulation, the working device meets the heavy load conditions; the special bucket type, inserting the material pile is more labor-saving; the use of wear-resistant materials improves the working life.
9. The pipelines are concentrated and the direction is reasonable; the double sealing makes the leakage prevention more reliable.
10. Streamlined appearance, overall front-turned hood, wide field of vision, comfortable operation in large space, and convenient maintenance.
11. Optional 3-meter and 4-meter unloading working devices, as well as a variety of machines and tools to meet different operating conditions.

Product Images


Wheel loader construction picture