XCR40 40-ton small rough terrain crane for sale

The XCR40 40-ton small rough terrain crane is frequently utilized in general engineering projects like construction sites…

Model: XCR40
Max lifting capacity: 40T
Engine rated power: 162/2000KW/r/min
Max. travel speed: 40km/h


Product Introduction

The XCR40 40-ton small rough terrain crane is frequently utilized in general engineering projects like construction sites, urban regeneration, communication and transportation, ports, bridges, oilfields and mines, and difficult working conditions. It is built with four revolutionary technologies that work together to generate a high-performance, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient lifting system. It is also an “Internet +” smart crane, in which mobile Internet and mobile terminal remote control functions are integrated.

Main Parameters




Max. rated lifting capacity



Fully-extended boom



Engine rated power/speed



Max travel speed



Max. grade ability



Max. rotation speed



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

1. The product has a lifting protection control system that protects against overload, over-retracting, and over-stretching, as well as industry-exclusive technology such as a rear axle-wheel automatic return-control system and a safety-driving automatic protection system. All of this significantly improves its safety performance.

2. The solution has industry-leading features such as professional matching updating and a thorough assessment test. It has also passed tests such as traveling 11,000 kilometers and hanging 10,000 times. Both guarantee its dependability.

3. The product has an optical matching power transmission system and a torque converter with a lockout feature, which reduces oil consumption by more than 20% at high speeds.

4. The parallel hydraulic pressure system’s one-way stabilized current regulation eliminates flow loss; the gravity drop luffing system requires no additional power and reduces oil usage.

5. The product has a comprehensive hydro-steering control system and an automatic-manual gearbox, making it simple to operate. The operation is stable and comfortable thanks to the compounded suspension of the leaf spring and hydraulic oil tank, as well as the self-recognition, and phased control of rotary cushion technology.

6. Humanized climb ladder, maintenance access, and control layout are included in the product. It also has a professional man-machine engineering simulation analysis, a beautiful man-machine interface, and a standalone defect diagnosis feature. It’s easy to use and comfy to hold.

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