XGH5040TXSD6 water sprinkler sweeper truck for sale

XGH5040TXSD6 water sprinkler sweeper integrates the functions of traditional road sweeper and cleaning vehicle (sweeping, cleaning the road).

Model: XGH5040TXSD6
Trash can volume: 1.2m³
Fresh water tank volume: 1.8m³
Sweep width: 2.5m


Product Introduction

XGH5040TXSD6 water sprinkler sweeper truck integrates the functions of traditional road sweeper and cleaning vehicle (sweeping, cleaning the road), and integrates various operations such as road cleaning and dust reduction. It is suitable for deep cleaning and general cleaning of urban squares, road surfaces, and road edges.

Main Parameters




Trash can volume


Fresh water tank volume


Sweeping Width



Working speed



Maximum cleaning capacity



Dumpster discharge corner



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

1. Equipped with an exclusive patented high-efficiency centrifugal fan, the fan has axial air intake, the efficiency is increased by 7.57%, the suction performance of the whole machine is increased by 11.3%, and the fan blades are not easy to wear.

2. Relying on the national R&D center, the structural analysis of the brush material is refined, and the service life is doubled. At the same time, the quick-change interface is designed, and the brush can be easily replaced between a push and a pull.

3. The bus-type hand-held operation box is used for operation, with mode memory function, learning and mastering the user’s working habits, and high automation level; the operating system monitors the running status of the vehicle in real time, and synchronizes animation simulation with the real vehicle, which is convenient for operation and understanding of the vehicle status.

4. The sweeping disc adapts and adjusts independently, senses the fluctuation of the brush touchdown pressure, adjusts the telescopic amount of the working cylinder in a timely manner, reduces the wear of the sweeping brush, and ensures the stable output of the sweeping efficiency (standard for 8 square and above models); at the same time, the sweeping disc speed can be adjusted according to The speed of the vehicle is automatically changed to adapt to the cleaning of different working conditions.

5. Diverse functions, matching different road cleaning needs, such as 9 functions such as watering, flushing, road sweeping, cleaning, and dust suppression. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-pressure water gun to clean the dead corners of the road and the vehicle itself.

  • All the spare parts of XGH5040TXSD6 sprinkler-sweeper truck are available.

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