JMC pickup Yuhu Parent-child version for sale

The JMC Yuhu parent-child pickup adopts a 2.4T engine to meet the needs of pulling people and carrying passengers.

Model: Yuhu parent-child
Gear form: 8AT
Engine rated power: 104kW
Engine: PUMA 2.0T


Product Introduction

The JMC Yuhu parent-child pickup adopts a 2.4T engine to meet the needs of pulling people and carrying passengers. It is an outdoor recreation base specially designed for parents and children.

Main Parameters










Engine rated power






Engine maximum torque



Compression ratio



Fuel tank volume 



Gear form



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

1. Almighty camping life home

* Expand the storage space, arrange net pockets, buckles, straps, kayak, fishing box and other large objects can also be easily loaded.
* The lift-up window can be opened sideways for easy access to items, and it can also protect from wind and rain; the side window is pushed out to integrate the sunshade and screen, which is breathable and comfortable and provides sun protection; the sunshade can be pulled flat to shield the sun and rain for concentrating on cooking.

* Equipped with a gas stove and a cleaning pool for outdoor cooking anytime, anywhere; the water tank is 25 liters, and a portable gas tank can be stored next to it, and the deliciousness does not wait.
* Combined cooking storage space, easy storage of pots and pans; push-down design, more efficient space expansion, super enjoyment of cooking.

*The design of up and down opening and closing is convenient for entry, which meets the requirements of motorhome regulations (1.4m*0.75m); the upper tailgate can protect from the sun and rain, and the lower tailgate can sit and rest; the rear stairway can directly enter the roof tent and enter the dream galaxy.

2. Cozy wild haven
* The length is 2m and the width is 1.2m. It can be opened up to expand the interior space of the car; the integrated lifting bed plate is integrated, and the top is the bed.
* There are outdoor lights on both sides of the vehicle, so that the night is no longer dark; the roof-integrated starry sky atmosphere light puts the galaxy into the car.
* U-shaped sitting area + mobile lift table, self-contained home trendy space; the sitting area can be combined into a luxurious king-size bed, forming a double rest space with the roof tent.
* Built-in lithium battery and car air conditioner, no matter whether it is cold or hot, it can always ensure the comfort of the whole family.

  • All the spare parts of JMC Yuhu Parent-child pickup are available.

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