XCMG down-the-hole drilling rig enters African copper mine for the first time

Good news, XCMG down-the-hole drilling rigs have officially entered the African market for the first time. Recently, XCMG down-the-hole drilling rigs came to African open-pit mines, injecting new impetus into the development of local open-pit mine resources.

This project is an open-pit copper mine project with a drilling diameter of 152mm and a depth of 16m. The strata are mainly coarse sand, medium sand, clay soil, strongly weathered limestone, weathered limestone, and half-sided rock. If you are not careful, the hole will be deflected and the drill will get stuck. The construction environment is complex and puts forward higher requirements for product performance.

The XCMG XQZ152 down-the-hole drilling rig installed this time adopts a world-class power system configuration, equipped with a first-class air compressor and XCMG drilling expert system. It has strong power, high construction efficiency, and saves more than 15% in fuel consumption compared with traditional drilling rigs.

After nearly half a month of construction, XCMG XQZ152 down-the-hole drilling rig has lived up to expectations. The drilling rig worked for an average of 8 hours a day, drilling an average of 320m per day, and the highest drilling rate was 416m in one day. It was highly praised by customers and site managers!

As an efficient and multi-functional engineering machinery and equipment, XCMG down-the-hole drilling rigs are mainly suitable for drilling and blasting projects in open-pit mines and quarries. In Africa, a continent with rich mineral resources and urgent infrastructure needs, XCMG DTH drilling rigs The entry of drilling rigs will inject new impetus into the development of local open-pit mine resources.

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