XCMG is Building World Roads in Kazakhstan

Since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed in 2013, the global economy has had a new development model, and the infrastructure construction of participating countries has also ushered in a new way of cooperation. As an important node of the Belt and Road Initiative, Kazakhstan plays the role of a land corridor connecting the Eurasian continent and has a pivotal position in the Eurasian region. XCMG is building world roads in Kazakhstan. As a world-renowned construction machinery manufacturer, XCMG has also established a service station in Kazakhstan, contributing its own strength to local road construction and is committed to building a bridge in Central Asia.

XCMG in the KZ

Kazakhstan has a unique geographical location, located at the intersection of the Eurasian continent, with rich natural resources and vast land. However, due to historical reasons and natural conditions, the local infrastructure is relatively backward and transportation is inconvenient, which restricts economic development. Therefore, road construction has become one of Kazakhstan’s important tasks.
XCMG’s service station in Kazakhstan not only provides leasing and sales services for various types of construction machinery and equipment,such as single drum road roller XD103 XD143, asphalt paver RP953, but also provides professional technical support and after-sales services to local customers. Whether it is the maintenance of township roads, the laying of national highways, or even large-scale projects such as mine construction, XCMG can provide suitable equipment and solutions.

Double Drums Road Roller XD103 XD143 is maintaining the road in the KZ

By deeply participating in all stages of road construction in Kazakhstan, XCMG has not only promoted local economic development, but also made positive contributions to the connection between Central Asia, Central Europe, and Asia and Europe.
In the past few years, XCMG has achieved remarkable results in Kazakhstan. Its products are favored by local customers for their high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
At the same time, XCMG has continuously improved its customized R&D capabilities for products, and carried out personalized design and manufacturing according to the needs of different customers and engineering characteristics. This makes XCMG’s products closer to the market and meets the diverse needs of customers.

Asphalt paver RP953 is being paved in the national upgrading project in the KZ

In addition to improving product quality, XCMG also pays attention to the optimization of after-sales service.
The service station established in Kazakhstan not only provides equipment repair and maintenance services, but also regularly organizes technical training and exchange activities to help local customers improve their operating skills and maintenance levels.
This all-round after-sales service support ensures that wherever there is XCMG machinery, there is a complete after-sales service system. This not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also wins a good reputation.

XCMG will continue to deepen cooperation in Kazakhstan and continuously improve its customized R&D capabilities and the quality of the whole machine. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with local enterprises and institutions to jointly promote the development of road construction. Through continuous efforts and innovation, we can contribute more to Kazakhstan’s road construction and inject new vitality into the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.



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