XE230M general grabber for material handling

XE230M general grabber can meet the loading and unloading of various sand, coal, grain, mineral soil, stone, steel, wood,  and other bulk cargoes.

Model: XE230M
Gripper capacity: 0.6m³
Operating weight: 23000kg
Engine rated power: 135kW/2050rpm


Product Introduction

The XE230M general grabber is multipurpose, versatile, pleasant to operate, safe and reliable, energy-saving, and high-efficiency. This item is a mobile grabbing machine that can load and unload sand, coal, grain, mineral soil, stone, steel, timber, and other bulk commodities.

Main Parameters




Operating weight



Bucket capacity


Rated power/speed



Remarks: This product is continuously improved with the progress of technology. The difference between the parameters and structural characteristics listed above is subject to the actual product.

Performance Characteristics

XE230M general grabber:

1. The original imported Cummins engine is used, with strong power, low fuel consumption, and convenient daily maintenance.

2. The lower engine speed during work can show the full power and save the user cost.

3. With a longer grasping distance, a higher grasping height, and a greater grasping depth, the operation efficiency can be significantly improved.

4. The engine filter element is centrally placed, and the cover can be opened in all directions, which is convenient and quick to maintain.

5. Shell grabs, log grabs, plum blossom grabs, half-button grabs, hooks, and other attachments, as well as a quick-change device for attachments, can all be selected, as can a quick-change device for attachments to quickly replace the operating device according to the job needs. A single machine is capable of doing several jobs.

6. High-precision torque limiting system, higher measurement accuracy; high-strength steel bending butt welding technology for boom and stick, less welding seam, uniform force, long life; waterproof and wear-resistant.

  • All the spare parts of the XE230M general grabber are available.

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