What engine does XCMG use?

What engine does XCMG use? Many customers will ask this question during the purchase process. Let’s briefly talk about it today.

XCMG uses a variety of engine types, depending on different product models and application requirements. Here are some examples of simple sentences:

  1. XCMG 26U excavator uses Kubota D1105 three-cylinder direct injection engine, which fully complies with the National III emission standards.
  2. XCMG XE150D excavator is equipped with an original imported Cummins 4BTAA3.9 engine, which achieves energy conservation and environmental protection with its strong power, low noise and low fuel consumption.
  3. XCMG XE260C excavator is equipped with an original imported Isuzu engine. This engine is not only powerful but also has low fuel consumption. Through optimized system matching, it ensures that the overall performance of the whole machine is fully exerted.
  4. XCMG also uses Dongfanghong engine, which is a domestic engine.
  5. In addition, XCMG’s products also provide Weichai (optional Shangchai) electronically controlled high-voltage common rail energy-saving engine as an option. This engine has a rated power of 170kW and is powerful.
  6. In some specific products, such as the XCMG Port Machinery K series, the entire machine is powered by a Cummins engine + Dana transmission configuration, demonstrating strong power and rapid response capabilities.
  7. Weichai Steyr WP10 engine is also configured in some XCMG products. This engine is turbocharged, has electric start and electric stall, has strong power and large power reserve, and its emissions meet China’s Phase III standards.

To sum up, the types of engines used by XCMG include but are not limited to Kubota, Cummins, Isuzu, Dongfanghong, Weichai Steyr, etc. These engines have their own characteristics and can meet the performance needs of different products.

If you want to purchase engines and engine-related accessories, you can also contact us. CCMIE also provides professional accessories supply.


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