XCMG off-highway wide-body dump truck XG110

XCMG off-highway wide-body dump truck XG110 is a 100-ton dump truck. On the basis of inheriting the advantages of star products such as XG90 and It reduces procurement costs and improves construction efficiency. It is a benchmark product for XCMG’s off-highway products to move towards large tonnage, intelligence and internationalization.

XCMG off-highway wide-body dump truck XG110 is equipped with a high-power National III engine, which reduces operating costs, optimizes the transmission structure and control strategy, and has stable performance. Adopting advanced manufacturing processes and technologies such as CNC plasma and laser blanking, robot welding, CNC machining, electrophoretic coating, and automated assembly. The structure of thrust rod limiter and leaf spring limiter is used to limit the drive axle laterally to limit the left and right swing of the axle. The carriage has a built-in criss-cross frame, which is made of high-strength wear-resistant plates, all fully welded, and can withstand the impact of huge ores. The rear is equipped with a car lifting safety protection device to prevent rollover and fall. The interior lining of the car box adopts a slope diversion design to avoid box sticking caused by material accumulation. XCMG’s self-made welded box beam frame has high torsion resistance and fatigue resistance. The sub-beam-less structure greatly reduces the center of gravity and greatly improves vehicle stability; it uses intelligent robot welding to accurately configure various parameters, resulting in small and beautiful welds and constant quality. The front suspension is equipped with an oil/gas (nitrogen) suspension cylinder with variable damping characteristics, which has large unit energy storage, strong load-bearing capacity, and can efficiently absorb road impacts. Prefabricated balance suspension: leaf spring, balance shaft, frame, increase lateral stability, increase balance shaft diameter, increase load-bearing capacity by 12%, U-shaped bolts are made of high-strength materials, and the processing technology is improved to prevent breakage.

If you need to purchase this XCMG off-highway wide-body dump truck XG110 or related accessories, you can contact us at any time. If you want to buy a second-hand dump truck or other XCMG products, you can also click on the link to browse our website (the products displayed on the website are not complete, please consult directly for more models), CCMIE will serve you wholeheartedly.

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