XCMG Hanfeng environmentally friendly muck truck

XCMG Hanfeng environmentally friendly muck trucks have excellent performance, are economical and environmentally friendly, and have become an indispensable tool for wealth creation for truck enthusiasts.

The power of XCMG Hanfeng environmentally friendly muck truck is fully optimized, using Weichai engineering version special engine + industry mainstream Fast engineering version gearbox + domestic well-known engineering vehicle special Hande axle to create an efficient engineering power chain, perfectly adapted to urban construction Transportation scenarios add fueling power to “big infrastructure”; it has an ultra-wide economic speed range, intelligent fuel saving, efficient attendance, and Dora’s fast running is more profitable.

Hanfeng environmentally friendly muck truck adopts a high-strength double-layer frame structure with partial three-layer reinforcement to achieve stronger load-bearing capacity. Large flow steering gear, steering is still easy under heavy load conditions. The front and rear suspensions are made of high-strength spring steel and have been designed through topology optimization to increase the load-bearing capacity, make it lightweight but not overloaded, and reduce tire wear, resulting in higher reliability and easier entry and exit from the construction site.

XCMG Hanfeng environmentally friendly muck truck adopts a cage structure as a whole. The thickest part of the steel plate is up to 4mm, which significantly improves the impact resistance and deformation resistance, and the safety reaches the world-class level. A number of humanized designs, multi-function steering wheel, oversized LCD screen, airbag shock-absorbing seats, cruise control and other luxurious features bring car-level comfort experience; the interior space is spacious and comfortable, various operations are reasonably laid out, and the workmanship is of the highest quality. , making driving a pleasure.

If you need to purchase this environmentally friendly muck truck or related accessories, you can contact us at any time. If you want to purchase other XCMG products, you can also click on the link to browse our website (the products displayed on the website are not complete, please consult directly for more models), CCMIE will serve you wholeheartedly.

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