XCMG 4-axle 62-meter pump truck HB62V

XCMG 4-axle 62-meter pump truck HB62V is the flagship model in XCMG’s V7 pump truck family. It has been imitated and never surpassed. Now, it has been upgraded again, with many black technology blessings, bringing more ultimate experiences to customers!

XCMG 4-axle 62-meter pump truck HB62V has been upgraded and optimized with the globally patented cast oil channel hydraulic main valve. The system pressure loss is reduced by 30%, and the energy consumption is even lower! 3.0 power adaptive energy-saving technology detects pumping pressure in real time, automatically adjusts pumping displacement and engine speed, and reduces overall fuel consumption by another 15%. It is the first to be equipped with the III-generation smart boom technology. It is the only one in the industry that can realize real-time intelligent shock absorption under all working conditions, all postures and all displacements. The boom vibrates up and down and swings left and right within 130mm. With dynamic stability simulation technology, the stability of the entire machine is increased by 50% under pumping conditions. The system optimizes the pipeline layout. The entire vehicle delivery pipe is designed with large elbows and large variable diameter pipes. It accepts both thick and fine materials, and there is no need to pick materials during pumping. The efficiency is increased by 27%!

XCMG 4-axle 62-meter pump truck HB62V assists in the construction of domestic and foreign projects. Its technology demonstrates its strength and its quality makes it extraordinary. Ingenuity is for you, no fear of challenges!

If you need to purchase this HB62V or related accessories, you can contact us at any time. If you want to purchase other XCMG products, you can also click on the link to browse our website (the products displayed on the website are not complete, please consult directly for more models), CCMIE will serve you wholeheartedly.

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