XCMG Hanfeng P5 concrete mixer truck—Product introduction

XCMG Hanfeng P5 concrete mixer truck is the leader among concrete mixer trucks.

Concrete mixer trucks are mostly used for short- and medium-distance transportation, mainly starting from the mixing station and transporting concrete to the designated construction site. Therefore, the overall transportation distance will not be particularly long, but the road environment is also relatively complex. It may pass through national and provincial highways, and may even operate in densely populated urban areas, so the vehicle’s demand for power is also relatively demanding. XCMG Hanfeng P5 concrete mixer truck is equipped with the domestic leading Weichai engineering version special engine with a maximum horsepower of 350 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1400N.m. It is matched with the industry’s mainstream Fast gearbox and Hande rear axle, creating an exclusive ” “Flagship power” configuration, mature, reliable and trustworthy. Low speed and high torque, stronger power burst, faster climbing speed, and higher transportation efficiency. The power output fully meets the needs of standard cubic concrete mixer trucks and can pull more goods in the same time.

Concrete mixer trucks daily need to face scenes such as queuing for loading and waiting on the spot for unloading. Therefore, the vehicle is often in a waiting state. At this time, the engine still needs to be in idle running state, accounting for roughly 50% of the entire operating state. Therefore, the fuel consumption of concrete mixer trucks has become a problem that has been plaguing truck lovers. XCMG Hanfeng P5 concrete mixer truck is equipped with a self-developed VCU. Based on the analysis of load, slope and driver’s acceleration demand, it performs optimization algorithms such as stabilization, smoothing and filtering on power requests to achieve multi-mode and multi-working condition torque matching control and optimal switching. Block point identification technology ensures that the vehicle operates in the best economic zone and reduces fuel consumption. The car is powerful and fuel-efficient. This car is really good!

In most cases, concrete mixer trucks are full and empty. Whether it is a heavy truck or an empty truck, safety is a key point that users cannot ignore. If the concrete mixer truck also faces various slope conditions in mountainous areas, this will be a severe test for the reliability of the vehicle. In response to this, XCMG Hanfeng P5 has passed multiple rounds of three-high environmental tests of high cold, plateau, and high temperature to ensure the stability of the vehicle. The complete vehicle and key components are selected from domestic and foreign first-tier suppliers, with low failure rate, reliability and durability.

If you need to purchase this product or other XCMG concrete mixer trucks and related accessories, you can contact us at any time. You can also click on the link to browse our website (the products displayed on the website are not complete, please consult directly for more models), CCMIE will serve you wholeheartedly.

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