XCMG XDE440 Mining Truck—Product Introduction

XCMG XDE440 mining truck is the world’s largest rear-drive mining truck manufactured by XCMG, and its driving force is like a high-speed train. So, what are the advantages and performance of this rear-drive mining truck?

The 400-ton diesel-electric AC-driven XDE440 mining truck is the world’s largest rear-wheel drive rigid mining truck, successfully surpassing BELAZ’s No. 75710 mining truck a few years ago. Its birth is not only an important milestone in the development of XCMG mining equipment industry, but also an important breakthrough in high-end mining equipment in China and the world.

XCMG XDE440 mining truck is not only the world’s largest rear-drive mining truck, but also equipped with China’s advanced scientific and technological achievements. In order to meet the demand of 400 tons of load, XCMG independently developed the world’s largest output torque wheel reducer and the world’s most powerful wet disc brake, which can provide the equivalent of a full-seat 16-car Chinese high-speed railway train. The traction force effectively alleviates the transportation capacity limitations of the mine and greatly improves the construction efficiency. At the same time, the XDE40 mining truck also uses other self-developed core technologies, including intelligent variable frequency traction of large bearing components, high-torque wheel hub drive, cab rollover protection and anti-fatigue design, etc. This makes the XDE440 not only a powerful truck The mining truck is also an advanced piece of equipment equipped with intelligence, helping workers to complete tasks calmly and comfortably under various complex construction conditions.

The main target of this mining card is the global high-end mining market. The performance and quality of the XDE440 mining card make it very suitable for various large-scale mines at home and abroad. At present, XDE440 mining trucks have begun to be delivered in batches to copper mines in Serbia, gold mines in Congo, zinc mines in Australia and other businesses, and provide the most comprehensive mining solutions, as well as the most complete product portfolio and tonnage, promoting China and long-term cooperation between these countries and enterprises.

In addition to the XDE440 mining truck, XCMG’s other mining machinery has also made new breakthroughs in the global high-end market. Many products with independent research and development technology have entered mainstream mining markets including Africa, Australia, South America and Europe. We believe that in the future, more and more Chinese industries will be able to enter the world market and contribute to the intelligent, safe and green development of the world’s mining industry.

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