XCMG New Energy Heavy Truck—E7 Battery Replacement Tractor

The sales volume of XCMG New Energy Heavy Trucks has been increasing in an environment where new energy is gradually becoming a trend. Let’s briefly introduce it today.

XCMG New Energy Heavy Duty Truck’s XCMG E7 battery-swapping tractor: Highlights are battery swapping speeds of 3-5 minutes, and is suitable for efficient transportation scenarios where people stop and stop. The high-power motor and multi-speed gearbox provide surging power, more precise shifting, and higher operating efficiency; CATL’s high-energy-density power battery is matched with the battery heating system and water circulation system, which effectively improves the adaptability of the product and is now used Suitable for various short-distance transportation scenarios such as ports, mines, cargo yards, urban and rural logistics, etc. At a time when oil prices are rising, the low-cost operational advantages and green benefits of replacing heavy-duty trucks with electric batteries have become increasingly prominent: Taking 100 XCMG battery-exchanged tractors as an example, 4 million liters of diesel can be saved throughout the year. At 7.5 yuan per liter, it can save 30 million yuan in fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions by 12,500 tons.

XCMG New Energy Heavy Truck’s E7 battery replacement tractor is a new energy high-end heavy truck, and XCMG New Energy’s intensive pace in the core components industry chain will further enhance the provision of financial leasing, government access, and battery replacement subsidies for internal and external customers. capabilities in energy equipment and other aspects, presenting users with “textbook-level” complete solutions. Industry experts said that driven by factors such as the current national environmental protection policy, the purchase requirements for fuel-powered National VI vehicles and the significant increase in operating costs, the new energy heavy truck market is expected to further accelerate development and maintain a high prosperity value. XCMG will continue to lay out new energy and intelligent industrial chains, create a new energy heavy truck product matrix, and further accelerate the green transformation and upgrading of the transportation and logistics industry.

If you need to purchase XCMG New Energy heavy-duty trucks and related accessories, you can contact us at any time. You can also click on the link to browse our website (the products displayed on the website are not complete, please consult directly for more models), CCMIE will serve you wholeheartedly.

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