What is the concrete machinery?

What is the concrete machinery?

Concrete mixers can be divided into two categories: periodic and continuous according to the continuity of the production process. All construction is done with cyclic concrete mixers.

Periodic concrete mixers can be divided into two categories: self-falling type and forced type according to the mixing principle. The main difference is: that the one with no relative movement between the stirring blade and the mixing drum is the self-falling type; the one with relative movement is the forced type.

The self-falling mixer can be divided into three types: drum type, conical reverse discharge type, and cone tipping discharge type according to its shape and discharge method. Among them, the drum type has been listed as an outdated model due to its backward performance indicators.

The forced mixer is divided into two types: vertical shaft forced to type and horizontal shaft forced type, among which horizontal shaft type is divided into the single horizontal shaft and double horizontal shaft.

Types of Concrete Machinery

  • Commonly used concrete mixers
  • Concrete mixer truck
  • Concrete pump and pump truck
  • Concrete vibrators
  • Concrete placing machine

Commonly used concrete mixers

The mixer commonly used at the construction site is the mixer with conical reversal discharge, and the mixer commonly used in the mixing station is the twin-shaft forced mixer.

Conical reverse discharge mixer

The conical reversing discharge mixer is mainly composed of a stirring mechanism, a feeding device, a water supply system, and an electrical part.

Conical tipping mixer

The mixing drum of the conical tilting and discharging mixer is supported on the tilting frame through the central conical shaft, three stirring blades are arranged at the bottom of the drum along the axial direction, and the inner wall of the drum is equipped with a lining plate. The mixing drum is installed on the tilting frame and is driven by two motors to rotate. The entire tilting frame and mixing drum complete the tipping and unloading operation under the action of the cylinder.

Vertical Shaft Turbo Mixer

The vertical shaft turbo-paddle mixer is mainly composed of a power transmission system, a feeding, and discharging mechanism, a stirring mechanism, a control mechanism, and a frame.

Single horizontal shaft forced mixer

The single-horizontal shaft forced mixer is composed of a power system, a stirring mechanism, a feeding device, a control mechanism, a tipping and discharging device, a water supply, and an electrical system.

Twin-shaft forced mixer

The twin-shaft forced mixer is composed of a transmission system, a stirring mechanism, a feeding device, a discharging device, and a water supply system.

Safe use of concrete mixer points:

  • Before the new machine is used, the system and components should be inspected and necessary trial run according to the requirements of the instruction manual;
  • The parking position of the mobile mixer must be a flat and solid site, and there should be good drainage measures around it;



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