Where can mini excavators be used?

Due to the advantages of small size and low initial investment cost, mini excavators are widely used in urban building decoration, agricultural gardens, etc., and are the panacea for small engineering operations. Today, let’s take a look at what other fields mini excavators can be used in.

Municipal engineering field

In municipal construction, excavation of trenches and burial of underground pipelines are indispensable. Mini excavators have become the best choice due to their small size and flexibility. In addition, the boom of the mini excavator can swing 90 degrees, which is very practical when digging trenches against walls. The transportation of the mini excavator is also more convenient, and the transfer can be completed by using a light truck or even a pickup truck.

mini excavator in the field of municipal engineering

Interior decoration

It is more efficient to use a small excavator than a manual sledgehammer when it is necessary to dismantle the wall and make holes in the interior decoration. The size of the mini excavator is relatively small, and you can go up and down the stairs through stairs or even elevators.

mini excavator in the field of interior decoration

Rural houses and roads

In the past, when building houses in rural areas, it was necessary to manually excavate the foundation and the trenches for the upper and lower water pipes. Now, these tasks can be solved by small excavators, which not only reduces the labour intensity of workers but also greatly improves the speed of construction.

Tunnel construction

The height of the mini excavator is relatively low, and it can be driven into some small tunnels for construction. Some manufacturers have even developed electric-driven micro excavators, which are more suitable for the tunnel operation environment.

mini excavator in the field of tunnel work

Garden work

The operating environment of agricultural gardens is relatively small, and there are often saplings and crops around them. In the construction of agricultural gardens, digging and ditching cannot use large-scale machinery, but mini excavators are just suitable.

Turn over the ground in the greenhouse

Vegetable greenhouses are generally low and low, and large agricultural machinery cannot carry out operations in them. Therefore, small excavators are used to replacing the ground and ditch operations. In greenhouse gathering places, the use of small excavators is very common.

Steel furnace slag removal

Steelmaking plants mainly use converters or electric furnaces to make steel. During the smelting process, a lot of steel slag is produced. In the process of processing steel slag, mini excavators are often used to turn slag and remove slag.

mini excavator in the field of slag removal

Hazardous work at heights

We often see in the news some small excavators working on cliffs during cliff construction or post-disaster reconstruction work. The excavator chassis can be tilted to keep the upper cab section level, while wire ropes suspend the excavator. It takes a lot of courage to operate this excavator!

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