Differences between truck cranes and tire cranes

The truck crane is to install the crane on the chassis of the general car, without the need to design the chassis of the vehicle, the moving speed is fast, the driving distance is long, and it is convenient and flexible. The tire crane, the lifting operation part is installed on the chassis of the vehicle, the body is long, and it has the driving performance of the truck. These two are lifting machinery, but they have certain differences in chassis, body, driving performance, etc., and each has its own advantages. Let’s talk about the difference between truck cranes and tire cranes.

1. What is a tire crane

The tire crane is a boom rotating crane that uses a tire-type chassis to travel. It is a full-rotation crane with a lifting mechanism installed on a special chassis composed of heavy tires and axles. Its upper structure is basically the same as that of a crawler crane. In order to ensure the stability of the fuselage during installation, the crane is equipped with Four retractable legs. On flat ground, a small lifting capacity can be hoisted without outriggers and the hanging objects can be driven at low speed. It is composed of two parts: loading and unloading. The loading is the lifting operation part, which is equipped with a boom, a lifting mechanism, a luffing mechanism, a counterweight and a turntable, etc.; and the loading is the supporting and walking part. The slewing bearing is used to connect the upper and lower vehicles. When hoisting, it is generally necessary to lower the outriggers, increase the bearing surface, and level the fuselage to ensure the stability of the crane.

2. What is a truck crane

The truck crane is a kind of crane mounted on the common car chassis or the special car chassis, and its driving cab is set separately from the hoisting cab. The advantages of this kind of crane are good manoeuvrability and quick transfer. The disadvantage is that it needs outriggers when working, can not drive under load, and is not suitable for working on soft or muddy fields. The chassis performance of the truck crane is equivalent to that of the truck with the same total vehicle weight, which meets the technical requirements of road vehicles, so it can pass unobstructed on various roads. This kind of crane is generally equipped with two control rooms for getting on and off, and the outriggers must be extended to maintain stability during operation. The weight range is very large, from 8 tons to 1000 tons, and the number of axles of the chassis can be from 2 to 10. The largest and most widely used crane type.

3. Differences between truck cranes and tire cranes

Although both truck cranes and tire cranes belong to lifting machinery, they are different in many aspects. The main differences between truck cranes and tire cranes are:

  1. Chassis: car chassis for truck cranes, special chassis for tire cranes.
  2. Body: The truck crane has a long body, and the tire crane has a short body. Therefore, the turning radius of the tire crane is small.
  3. Driving performance: The driving performance of truck cranes is better than that of tire cranes.
  4. Wheelbase: The truck crane is narrower, and the tire crane is wider. Therefore, the stability of the tire crane is good, and the outriggers are not needed.
  5. Requirements for the road surface: the tire crane is higher than the truck crane.
  6. Outriggers: Due to the chassis, the car-style front outriggers are in the middle of the body, and the tire-type front outriggers are close to the front of the car.
  7. Cab: The car type is divided into getting on and off, getting off the car is the driving cab, and getting on the car is the lifting operation cab; the tire type has only one cab, driving and operating together.

4. Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of truck cranes and tire cranes

Compared with the car crane and the tire crane, each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Compared with truck cranes, the main advantages of tire-mounted cranes are wider wheelbase, good stability, short body, small turning radius, and can work within a 360-degree range. However, it has higher requirements on the road surface when driving, and the driving speed is slower than that of the truck crane, so it is not suitable for working on soft and muddy ground.
  2. The car crane is a combination of a car and a crane. The advantages are convenience and flexibility, high work efficiency, fast transition, and improved work efficiency; 2000 tons).

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