What are the types of cranes?

What are the types of cranes? At present, people are accustomed to classifying lifting machinery into three categories: series lifting equipment, crane, and lift elevator.

Light and small lifting equipment

It mainly includes a jack, pulley block, hoist, winch, underslung mono-rail system, etc.


There are many types of cranes, so there are many classification methods, mainly the following classification methods:

According to the structure of the crane:

overhead type crane, cable crane, jib type crane.

Classified according to the crane’s picking device and use:

hook crane, grabbing crane, electromagnetic crane, metallurgy crane, stacking crane, container crane, emission crane, salvage crane.

Classification according to the moving method of cranes:

fixed base crane, traveling crane, climbing crane, portable crane, lorry crane, radiation Radial crane.

According to the driving mode of the crane working mechanism:

manual crane, electric crane, hydraulic crane, diesel crane, steam crane.

Classification by crane usage:

workshop crane, machine house crane, warehouse crane, storage yard crane, construction crane, port crane, shipyard crane, dam crane, and shipboard crane.

According to the slewing capacity of cranes:

slewing cranes, non-slewing cranes, and slewing cranes include full-circle slewing cranes and limited slewing cranes.

Classified according to the crane support method:

upported crane, underslung crane.


Lifting machinery whose heavy objects or fetching devices can only be lifted along the guide rails, such as various elevators, hanging cages, etc.

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