Common fault solutions of road rollers

With the wide application of road rollers, its own defects have gradually emerged. The high failure rate of road rollers in work greatly affects the quality of work. This paper analyzes and proposes common fault solutions of road rollers.

Fuel line air removal method

The diesel engine of the road roller stalls due to the lack of diesel in the fuel tank during use. After the diesel engine is turned off, although diesel is added to the fuel tank, the air has entered the diesel pipeline at this time, and the fuel supply cannot be restored by using the hand pump.
In order to remove the air in the diesel pipeline and make the diesel engine start smoothly, we take the following methods: First, find a small basin, hold a quantity of diesel oil, and place it at a position slightly higher than the diesel pump. Second, connect the fuel tank Remove the diesel pipe of the hand oil pump and insert it into the diesel oil in this small basin; again, the hand oil pump pumps the diesel oil to remove the air in the low-pressure oil circuit. The diesel engine starts normally.

Solenoid valve damage disposal method

If the diesel engine is difficult to start, it will take a long time to start the diesel engine. We initially thought that it was caused by the poor atomization of the injector, but the inspection of the injector and the fuel injection pump was all good. When checking the start solenoid valve again, it is found that its solenoid is not attractive.
We remove the starting solenoid valve, and when the fuel valve stem connecting the fuel injection pump and the solenoid valve is pulled by hand, the diesel engine can be started smoothly, which means that the solenoid valve has been damaged. Since new solenoid valves are temporarily unavailable in the nearby market, we use thin copper wire to bind the fuel injection pump stem to prevent it from returning and thicken the solenoid valve gasket to prevent the fuel injection pump stem hole. Oil leaks from the mouth. After the above treatment, the solenoid valve is reassembled, and the roller is put into use. After purchasing a new start solenoid valve, it can be replaced.

Deformation repair method of front wheel support

When the static pressure road roller failed to start, in order to start the road roller, the loader was used to push the road roller on the spot. As a result, the frame supporting the front wheel of the road roller was deformed, the welding place of the shaft sleeve matched with the front fork and the vertical shaft was dislocated. , the roller cannot be used.
Usually, to repair this fault, the front wheel frame, vertical shaft and front fork must be disassembled, but such repairs are time-consuming and labour-intensive. To this end, we have adopted the following simple recovery methods: first, adjust the front wheel to the forward direction; secondly, cushion the front wheel, the front wheel frame and the front fork beam with wood, so that it can move forward when turning the steering wheel. The wheel does not turn, again, turn the steering wheel, remember the total number of turns of the steering wheel, turn to the limit position and turn back half of the total number of turns, the misaligned front fork and the shaft sleeve matched with the vertical shaft can return to the correct position; then, Remove the 14 fixing bolts on both sides of the front wheel frame, lift the front wheel frame by about 400mm with the liver jack, and make it away from the front wheel axle; finally, use electric welding to weld the vertical shaft bushing firmly, loosen the jack, and drop it down Front-wheel fork, refit the front wheel frame and the front wheel axle. In this way, only one person can adjust the deformation of the front wheel frame in place.

Repair method for poor positioning of the gear lever

The locating pin of the shift lever equipped with the static calender roller is easy to falls out or be cut off, resulting in the inability of the shift lever to be positioned. The locating pin has a diameter of 4mm and is used to prevent the gear lever from turning.
In order to solve this problem, we take the following methods: first, expand the diameter of the pinhole of the shift lever to 5mm, and tap the M6 internal thread; secondly, modify the width of the pin slot of the shift lever to 6mm; finally, configure 1 M6 screw and 1 For M6 nut only, screw the screw into the seat pinhole, back it half a turn, and then lock the nut.

The solution to the oil leakage of the sealing ring

The vibrating valve of the vibratory roller leaked oil. After the Y-shaped sealing ring was replaced, the oil leaked after a short period of use. The inspection found that after long-term use of the vibration valve, the wear between the upper cover of the valve core and the valve core was serious.
In order to solve this problem, we adopt the method of adding an O-shaped or flat-shaped sealing ring, that is, adding an O-shaped or flat-shaped sealing ring in the groove of a Y-shaped sealing ring. There is no oil leakage phenomenon after the vibration valve is installed with a sealing ring, which proves that the method achieves good results.

The above is an analysis of the common fault solutions of road rollers. If you want to know more about the failure analysis of the models, please continue to pay attention to us or leave a message.

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