How to replace the excavator bucket?

The excavator bucket is one of the most frequently used parts of the excavator in the operation. Similarly, the bucket is also the fastest-wearing component, and the bucket of the excavator needs to be replaced frequently. Excavator bucket replacement is a technical activity that requires the operator to pay attention to many things in order to complete the operation without damaging the machine and injuring personnel. So, how to replace the excavator bucket, and what are the precautions for replacing the excavator bucket?

  1. When hitting the pin with a hammer, metal shavings may fly into the eyes and cause serious injury. Always wear goggles, hard hats, headgear and other protective gear when doing this. Protect your own personal safety before proceeding to the next step.
  2. When unloading the bucket, place the bucket stably.
  3. Hit the pin with force, the pin may fly out and hurt the surrounding staff.
  4. When removing the pin, pay special attention not to stand under the bucket, and do not put your feet or any part of your body under the bucket. Be careful not to injure your hands when removing or installing the pins.
  5. When aligning the holes, do not put your fingers into the pin holes.
  6. Before changing the bucket, stop the machine on solid and level ground. When doing the link work, for safety’s sake, and for the tubing personnel who are doing the link work, make sure to understand each other’s signals and work carefully.

The above six points are the method of replacing the bucket of the excavator. Do not observe the above precautions in actual operation, and cause casualties, it will not be worth the loss!

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