Working principle of road cold recycling machine

In general, roadbed damage will occur on roads with long-term traffic jams. To eliminate this damage, the entire pavement requires structural maintenance. The pavement cold recycling machine can reuse all the crushed materials. Its more practical treatment method is to use foamed asphalt for cold recycling construction, which has become a breakthrough and effective solution that can ultimately achieve environmental protection and economic effects. So, what is the working principle of the road cold recycling machine?

Composition and working principle of road cold recycling machine

Composition: Pavement cold recycling machine is one of the main pieces of equipment in the construction of asphalt pavement cold recycling.

Working principle: When the pavement cold recycling device moves forward, the rotor rotates upwards to grind the pavement raw material. At the same time, the water is delivered via hoses from a water truck connected to the pavement cold regenerator and sprayed in the mixing bin of the pavement cold regenerator. The grinding rotor thoroughly mixes the water with the grinding material. Liquid stabilizers, such as hot bitumen (cold regenerators have their own foam bitumen foaming unit, which can heat hot bitumen to between 160-180 degrees Celsius and mix it with a small amount of water for foaming treatment), can be specially designed The spray nozzle is sprayed into the mixing chamber; the powder stabilizer such as cement should be sprinkled on the road surface in front of the road surface cold recycling machine according to the designed dosage. The pavement cold recycler mixes powder stabilizer with recycled material and water in one shot. If the original gradation of the recycled layer is poor, the missing aggregate can be sprinkled on the pavement prior to regeneration, while at the same time improving the gradation of the original pavement material by mixing it with the old material.

At present, the process of urbanization of roads is accelerating, and various provinces and cities in China have begun to build and maintain road surfaces on a large scale. The maintenance of asphalt pavement has been paid more and more attention to by highway construction departments and construction enterprises. As the construction method of cold recycling machines for pavement has been widely recognized around the world, the demand for cold recycling machines is also increasing. If you have this need, you can contact us, our company’s road maintenance machinery and related spare parts have great quality and price advantages.

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