What are the advantages of a cold recycler?

Do you know what are the advantages of a cold recycler?

The cold recycler is a widely used, fast and efficient road construction machinery, which is widely used in building construction. Compared with some traditional road maintenance methods, cold recycling machines have many advantages. It can not only be low in price but also save energy and protect the environment from being damaged.

How does the cold recycler repair the road? First of all, clean up the damaged old road, spread a layer of cement evenly with the cement spreader, grind and mix the new material with the cold recycler, and cooperate with the water truck The old pavement is transformed into a new base pavement at one time. Then, the tire roller compacts and forms the base pavement, which is then flattened by the vibratory roller and levelled by the grader to generate a new pavement base. Vibratory rollers are a series of supporting equipment for joint operation. The old pavement is regenerated into a new subgrade at one time. All old pavement is used locally and recycled into the new base pavement. After 7-8 days of watering maintenance, the new roadbed can be laid with water-stabilized gravel according to the road grade. After compaction, asphalt pavement can be laid. The new road will form a water-stable gravel layer.

Now everyone has a simple understanding of the cold recycler. So, what are the advantages of a cold recycler?

1. Low cost
Referring to the introduction of most foreign construction materials, compared with the method of laying new materials on the old road, cold recycling can reduce the cost by about 20% to 46%.

2. Improve the old road level
By improving the bearing capacity of the base, the road grade can be fundamentally improved, which is of special significance for low-grade roads.

3. Structural integrity
In the thicker pavement produced by cold recycling construction, there is no weak interface between the thinner pavement that sometimes occurs in traditional construction methods.

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