How to solve common problems of excavator belts?

There are several belts at the front end of the excavator engine, and each belt plays an important role. On the excavator engine, various auxiliary machines are driven through the belt drive, such as the compressor of the air conditioner, the power steering oil pump, and the alternator. If the excavator belt breaks or slips, the related auxiliary machines will lose their functions or their performance will be degraded, thus affecting the normal use of the excavator transport vehicle. So, how to solve the common problems of excavator belts?

1. Crack

  • Cause of issue: Sheave diameter is too small; ambient temperature is too high; tension is too high or insufficient; design selection deviation.
  • Solution: Use larger sheaves or redesign; remove the heat source, improve ventilation or use heat resistant belts; adjust to proper tension; correct early wear.

2. Wear on one side, wear on the bottom

  • Cause of issue: Pulley shape does not match belt; rusted or worn pulley; improper pulley alignment; foreign object between belt and sheave; excessive tension.
  • Solution: Choose a suitable belt; remove rust from the pulley or replace the pulley, and re-align; check regularly to remove foreign objects; adjust to the appropriate tension.

3. Skid

  • Cause of issue: Insufficient number of belts; improperly designed pulley diameter; water or oil on the belt.
  • Solution: Increase the number of belts or use parallel belts; adjust pulley design; install covers and clean surfaces.

4. Tip over

  • Cause of issue: Foreign objects in grooves; misaligned sheaves; worn sheave grooves; loose belt tension, belt deformation due to load vibration; improper installation.
  • Solution: Install cover and remove foreign material; re-align; replace sheave; re-tension; replace with the parallel, flat or ribbed belt; replace the complete set and install it correctly.

5. Shock

  • Cause of issue: Incorrect idler position; too long shaft spacing; loose belt tension; uneven belt length.
  • Solution: Carefully align the idler pulley, place it on a flat surface, as close to the drive shaft as possible; install the idler pulley; re-tension; replace the belt with a new set.

The above are the common reasons and solutions for belt failures of excavators. Then, after reading this article, do you have a clearer understanding of how to solve the common problems of excavator belts. Our company sells various types of excavators and their related spare parts. If you need them, please contact us.

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